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Monitoring of debts of debtors

There is a special department in our company that monitors the debts of debtors!
The specialists of our company solve the questions that regard work with debtors in a special way:

  • an individual approach to the specifics of the client
  • flexible solution
  • maximal-efficiency
  • cooperation with other companies that are working with pre-trial questions.

In the majority of companies the debts of debtors are monitored by accountants, and if there is necessity for compulsory recover of the debt, then it is done by employees of the security or a debt collection company.

The above mentioned approach has low efficiency, and it is because an accountancy hands over the case of debt recovery to the debt collection service, or security company at a time, when the debtor is either not responding to reminders and claims, or stop responding to phone calls and disappears .. . At this stage, because of time lost, in some cases, to recover the debt may be even impossible. There is the way out of this situation, and it is mentioned bellow.

Specialists of «Global intellectual security»:

  • finds the debtor
  • if necessary, collects information
  • go to a meeting with debtors
  • hold trilateral meetings
  • prepare repayment schedules and monitor compliance
  • prepare documents for pre-trial and trial proceedings
  • represent the client in court
  • advise the client to prevent above mentioned situations